How to Create an Amazon Prime account?

1. Visit in web browser 2. Click on "New to Amazon" to create a new account 3. Enter the required details such as: your name, email, and password. 4. Now click on the “Create Your Amazon Account”. 5. You will get an OTP in verification mail on registered email address. 6. Copy the OTP and enter at and click "Continue" 7. Amazon account is created successfully.

Activate Amazon Prime on Smart TV | Enter Code

1. Go to your Smart TV app store and open the "Amazon Prime” app. 2. Add the app to your channel list. 3. Now, open the Amazon Prime app. 4. Click on the “Register Now” option. 5. Take note of the “Amazon Prime verification code” on the screen. 6. Go to on your computer or laptop. 7. Sign into your Amazon MyTV account.  8. Now. Enter the “Activation code” on your TV screen and click on the “Verify my device” button. 9. Your account has been activated now.

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